NewsON Station List

Our viewers often ask where they can find a complete NewsON station list. We’re excited to share the extensive list below! Take a look at the NewsON local station list showing 288 stations in 163 markets covering nearly 76% of the U.S. (current as of 3/22/2021). NewsON participating stations are driven by content from ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates as well as several independent stations. Please note that this list is subject to change from time to time. We’ll do our best to keep this as up to date as possible!

DMA RankDMAStation Call Letters
5Dallas, TXWFAA
7Atlanta, GAWSB
7Atlanta, GAWXIA
7Atlanta, GAWGCL
8Houston, TXKPRC
8Houston, TXKHOU
9Washington, DCWJLA
9Washington, DCWUSA
10Boston, MAWFXT
10Boston, MAWCVB
10Boston, MAWMUR
11Phoenix, AZKTVK
11Phoenix, AZKPNX
11Phoenix, AZKPHO
12Seattle-Tacoma, WAKIRO
12Seattle-Tacoma, WAKOMO
12Seattle-Tacoma, WAKING
13Tampa, FLWTSP
14Minneapolis/St. PaulKSTP
14Minneapolis/St. PaulKARE
15Detroit, MIWDIV
16Denver, COKUSA
17Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FLWFTV
17Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FLWKMG
17Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FLWESH
18Miami/Ft. LauderdaleWPLG
19Cleveland-Akron, OHWOIO
19Cleveland-Akron, OHWKYC
19Cleveland-Akron, OHOhio 24
20Sacramento-Stockon-Modesto, CAKCRA
20Sacramento-Stockon-Modesto, CAKXTV
21Portland, ORKPTV
21Portland, ORKATU
21Portland, ORKGW
22Charlotte, NCWSOC
22Charlotte, NCWBTV
22Charlotte, NCWCNC
23St. Louis, MOKMOV
23St. Louis, MOKSDK
25Indianapolis, INWTHR
26Pittsburgh, PAWPXI
26Pittsburgh, PAWTAE
27San Diego, CAKUSI
27San Diego, CAKFMB
28Baltimore, MDWBAL
28Baltimore, MDWBFF
29Nashville, TNWSMV
29Nashville, TNWZTV
30Salt Lake City, UTKUTV
31San Antonio, TXKSAT
31San Antonio, TXKABB
31San Antonio, TXWOAI
31San Antonio, TXKENS
32Hartford-New Haven, CTWFSB
32Hartford-New Haven, CTWTIC/WCCT
33Columbus, OHWSYX
33Columbus, OHFOX 28
33Columbus, OHWBNS
33Columbus, OHOhio 24
34Kansas City, KS-MOKMBC
34Kansas City, KS-MOKCTV
35Greenville-Spartanburg, SC-Asheville, NCWYFF
35Greenville-Spartanburg, SC-Asheville, NCWHNS
35Greenville-Spartanburg, SC-Asheville, NCWLOS
36Cincinnati, OHWLWT
36Cincinnati, OHWXIX
36Cincinnati, OHWKRC
36Cincinnati, OHOhio 24
37Milwaukee, WIWISN
38Austin, TXKEYE
38Austin, TXKVUE
39West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FLWPBF
39West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FLWPEC
40Las Vegas, NVKVVU
40Las Vegas, NVKSNV
41Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek, MIWWMT
41Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek, MIWZZM
42Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PAWGAL
42Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PAWHP
42Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PAWPMT
43Jacksonville, FLWJAX/WFOX
43Jacksonville, FLWJXT
43Jacksonville, FLWTLV
44Oklahoma City, OKKOCO
44Oklahoma City, OKKOKH
45Birmingham (Anniston-Tuscaloosa, AL)WVTM
45Birmingham (Anniston-Tuscaloosa, AL)WBRC
45Birmingham (Anniston-Tuscaloosa, AL)WBMA
46Norfolk, VAWVEC
47Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem, NCWXII
47Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem, NCWFMY
48Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NMKOAT
48Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NMKOB
49Louisville, KYWLKY
49Louisville, KYWAVE
49Louisville, KYWHAS
49Louisville, KYWDRB
50New Orleans, LAWDSU
50New Orleans, LAWVUE
50New Orleans, LAWWL
51Memphis, TNWMC
51Memphis, TNWHBQ
51Memphis, TNWATN/WLMT
52Providence, RI-New Bedford, MAWJAR
53Buffalo, NYWGRZ
54Ft. Myers, FLWINK
55Fresno-Visalia, CAKMPH
56Richmond-Petersburg, VAWWBT
57Mobile, AL-Pensacola (Ft Walt), FLWEAR
57Mobile, AL-Pensacola (Ft Walt), FLWPMI
57Mobile, AL-Pensacola, FLWALA
58Wilkes Barre – Scranton, PAWOLF
58Wilkes Barre – Scranton, PAWNEP
59Little Rock-Pine Bluff, ARKATV
59Little Rock-Pine Bluff, ARKTHV
60Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYWNYT
60Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYWRGB
61Tulsa, OKKOKI
61Tulsa, OKKTUL
62Knoxville, TNWBIR
62Knoxville, TNWVLT
63Lexington, KYWKYT
63Lexington, KYWYMT
64Tucson, AZKOLD
65Dayton, OHWHIO
65Dayton, OHWKEF
65Dayton, OHWRGT
65Dayton, OHOhio 24
66Spokane, WAKLEW
66Spokane, WAKREM
66Spokane, WAKHQ 
67Honolulu, HIKGMB/KHNL
68Des Moines-Ames, IAKCCI
68Des Moines-Ames, IAWOI/KWCI
69Green Bay/Appleton, WIWLUK
69Green Bay/Appleton, WIWBAY
70Wichita, KSKWCH
71Roanoke-Lynchburg, VAWSLS
71Roanoke/Lynchburg, VAWSET
71Roanoke/Lynchburg, VAWDBJ
72Omaha, NEKETV
72Omaha, NEKPTM
72Omaha, NEWOWT
73Flint-Saginaw, MIWNEM
73Flint-Saginaw, MIWJRT
74Springfield, MOKYTV
74Springfield, MOKSPR
75Charleston/Huntington, WVWCHS
75Charleston/Huntington, WVWSAZ
75Charleston/Huntington, WVWVAH
76Columbia, SCWIS
76Columbia, SCWLTX
76Columbia, SCWACH
77Rochester, NYWHEC
77Rochester, NYWHAM
77Rochester, NYWUHF
78Portland-Auburn, MEWMTW
78Portland-Auburn, MEWGME
78Portland-Auburn, MEWCSH
79Huntsville-Decatur-Florence, ALWAFF
79Huntsville-Decatur-Florence, ALWZDX
80Toledo, OHWTVG
80Toledo, OHWTOL
80Toledo, OHOhio 24
81Madison, WIWMTV
82Colorado Springs, COKKTV
83Waco-Temple-Bryan, TXKAGS
83Waco-Temple-Bryan, TXKCEN
83Waco-Temple-Bryan, TXKWTX
83Waco-Temple-Bryan, TXKBTX
84Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg-Mt. VernonKFVS
86Shreveport, LAKSLA
89Charleston, SCWCSC
89Charleston, SCWCIV
91Savannah, GAWJCL
91Savannah, GAWTOC
92Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City-Dubuque, IAKCRG
92Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City-Dubuque, IAKGAN
93El Paso, TXKDBC
93El Paso, TXKFOX
94Baton Rouge, LAWAFB
95Ft. Smith-Fayetteviile-Springdale-Rogers, ARKHBS
95Ft. Smith-Fayetteviile-Springdale-Rogers, ARKFSM
96Burlington, VTWPTZ
96Burlington, VTWCAX
97Jackson, MSWAPT
97Jackson, MSWLBT
98South Bend, INWNDU
98South Bend, INWSBT
99Myrtle Beach-Florence, SCWMBF
99Myrtle Beach-Florence, SCWPDE
100Tri-Cities, TN-VAWCYB
101Boise, IDKTVB
101Boise, IDKBOI
102Greenville-New Bern, NCWITN
102Greenville-New Bern, NCWCTI
103Davenport-R.Island-Moline, IAKWQC
103Davenport-R.Island-Moline, IAWQAD
104Reno, NVKRNV
104Reno, NVKRXI
104Reno, NVKOLO
105Lincoln & Hastings, NEKOLN
105Lincoln & Hastings, NEKSNB
106Evansville, INWFIE
107Johnstown-Altoona, PAWJAC
108Tallahassee, FLWCTV
109Sioux Falls, SDKSFY
110Tyler-Longview, TXKLTV
110Tyler-Longview, TXKTRE
110Tyler-Longview, TXKYTX
112Augusta, GAWAGT
112Augusta, GAWRDW
114Fargo, NDWDAY
114Fargo, NDKVLY
115Lansing, MIWILX
116Springfield-Holyoke, MAWGGB/WSHM
117Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kennewick, WAKIMA
117Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kennewick, WAKEPR
118Traverse City-Cadillac, MIWWTV
118Traverse City-Cadillac, MIWPBN
120Macon, GAWMAZ
120Macon, GAWGXA
120Corpus Christi, TXKIII
124Monterey-Salinas, CAKSBW
125Bakersfield, CAKBAK
125Bakersfield, CAKBFX
126Montgomery, ALWSFA
127Columbus, GAWTVM
128Wilmington, NCWECT
129La Crosse – Eau Claire, WIWEAU
131Amarillo, TXKFDA
131Amarillo, TXKVII
135Columbia-Jefferson City,KRCG
136Wausau, WIWSAW
138Odessa, TXKOSA
138Odessa, TXKWES
139Rockford, ILWIFR
140Duluth, MN-Superior, WIWDIO
141Bismarck, NDKFYR
142Topeka, KSWIBW
143Monroe, LAKNOE
144Beaumont-Port Arthur, TXKBTV
144Beaumont-Port Arthur, TXKFDM
144Beaumont-Port Arthur, TXKBMT
145Lubbock, TXKCBD
147Anchorage, AKKTUU
148Sioux City, IAKPTH
149Wichita Falls, TX-Lawton, OKKSWO
150Rochester, MN-Mason City, IA-Austin, MNKAAL
153Panama City, FLWJHG
154Albany, GAWALB
155Bangor, MEWLBZ
155Bangor, MEWABI
157Biloxi-Gulfport, MSWLOX
159Sherman, OKKXII
160Gainesville, FLWCJB
163Wheeling, WVWTOV
163Wheeling, WVOhio 24
165Abilene, TXKXVA
165Abilene, TXKTXS
168Hattiesburg-Laurel, MSWDAM
169Rapid City, SDKEVN
169Rapid City, SDKOTA
170Bridgeport, WVWDTV
172Dothan, ALWTVY
173Lake Charles, LAKPLC
174Quincy, ILKHQA
176Harrisonburg, VAWHSV
179Bowling Green, KYWBKO
181Alexandria, LAKALB
182Jonesboro, ARKAIT
183Marquette, MIWLUC
186Laredo, TXKGNS
187Grand Junction, COKJCT
187Grand Junction, COKKCO
189Twin Falls, IDKMVT
191Meridian, MSWTOK
194Parkersburg, WVWTAP
195Cheyenne, WYKGWN
197San Angelo, TXKIDY
198Casper, WYKCWY
200Kirksville, MOKTVO
202Fairbanks, AKKTVF
206Presque Isle, MEWAGM
209North Platte, NEKNOP

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