NewsON Now Offering Free Local News Streaming Site

NewsON now offers a free local news streaming site on The website, which previously maintained company-related news, now presents a web version of the NewsON service. Viewers can watch live and on demand local newscasts and local news clips from NewsON participating stations on all from a computer or mobile screen.

The streaming site experience is similar to watching on the current NewsON platform list which includes Roku devicesAmazon Fire TVApple TV, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

“Live Now” on the menu bar always shows the stations currently broadcasting a live newscast. The “By Location” drop down menu makes discovering local news stations from across the country simple. Favorite stations are easily accessed after selecting the heart icon on any station’s individual page. Social sharing is available for sharing newscasts and clips directly with friends on Facebook and Twitter from a station’s page. example homepage view.

From time to time a red banner will appear across the top of the streaming site because NewsON identified a breaking news story of national relevance. The banner will include a short description of the breaking news event alongside the “Watch Coverage” button. Viewers can select “Watch Coverage” for a list of local news stations with local coverage of the event in the impacted areas.

Example of breaking news banner enabled on

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